About Us

Where Science Meets Wellness

nuCaffeine is a proud SBH Labs brand. SBH Labs is a small family business based in the suburbs of Chicago. The story of SBH Labs started when co-founders David and Ivonne found they were missing products that delivered results without all the extra chemicals and additives so commonly found in products of this day and age.

David and Ivonne, along with their daughters, make up the directive team at SBH Labs. David has many years of manufacturing technology and innovation experience. He spent 20 years helping companies streamline, automate and digitize manufacturing operations. Ivonne is a multinational engineer that has worked with global corporations for the past 30 years. SBH Labs was born out of their love of science, merged with an increased passion for wellness.

The mission at SBH Labs is to enhance people's lives naturally through the merging of science with wellness.

The SBH Labs' promise is to enhance people's lives naturally through the merging of science with wellness. The company strives to achieve its mission by leaning on the values of trust, honesty and integrity, using only quality ingredients and materials, and having a commitment to the customer and the environment.

Our Family

SBH Labs is truly a family business. It is all hands on deck for the SBH Labs family! Aside from their roles as co-owners, David and Ivonne fulfill important duties within the company. David is the SBH Labs lab master. Ivonne is the production manager. All her years in manufacturing are put to work with the family business.


All three daughters oversee a function of the business, from branding and sales, to production, to fulfillment and customer service, the family is deeply involved in the operations of the business! They work hard to create a fun and nurturing environment for the rest of the team to make everyone feel like part of the family.


The SBH Labs team is truly happy to serve you and help you continue to enhance your life naturally with our products. If you need to contact us, please message