What is nuCaffeine?

nuCaffeine is a liquid caffeine concentrate that you can add to any beverage to make your own energy drinks at home.

The idea for nuCaffeine started after David, Co-Founder and President, started getting sick from drinking too many energy drinks. The added sugars and chemicals were taking a toll on his body and health.

nuCaffeine was the solution for getting a caffeine kick without compromising your health or taste. Made from 100% pure caffeine from coffee beans, with zero sugars, sweeteners, or toxic additives, so you can rest easy knowing exactly what you're putting in your body.

Our Bitter Blocker Formula

nuCaffeine uses powerful plant-derived bitter blockers that mask the bitter taste of caffeine. Our bitter blockers block almost all bitterness receptors activated by caffeine. Our customer satisfaction reports show that less than 1% of our customers taste any form of bitterness after mixing nuCaffeine with their favorite drink.

Because our bitter-blocker formula is plant-derived, we can continue to offer a vegan, natural, and clean product.

Yeah, We Keep It 100%

We're 100% Natural.

Down to the preservatives. No GMOs, chemicals, or artificial flavors.

We're 100% Vegan.

Everything inside our bottle comes straight from plants. Good for you. Good for the planet.

You have 100% Control.

You choose what goes in your body. From the caffeine to the flavor and the sugar (if you want it!). With nuCaffeine, your energy drinks are 100% customizable.



"Saved my life. Because of this product I have totally eliminated diet soft drinks from my diet and cut my caffine intake in half. Thank you so much!"

Susan Cook

liquid caffeine

"I have tried other liquid caffeine products. Between the quality of the product, taste, even down to the bottle. This is by far the best."


This is the stuff!

"The lime flavor balance is perfect. I mix it with seltzer and it tastes way better to me than those sickly sweet canned energy drinks. Plus, I can control the amount of caffeine with that ingenious botle. Its great!"

Steven Haws

Excellent Product

"I’ve been able to stay away from energy drinks by pouring this in fruit juice and getting started with my day. It’s almost tasteless and gets the job done. I’ve been using this for almost a year now and continue to buy more!"



"The best that I’ve found for sure. Definitely less bitter than the rest."

Curtis Degrate


"Great customer service, and product is great too. No jittery feelings like I get with coffee."



"My husband loves this caffeine! He has been using it for a few years now. He does not like the taste of coffee so adds to his daily cup of cappuccino for his morning burst of energy. It's tasteless and does the trick."


Always excellent

"I've been on this for months now and I'm never disappointed. Switched from shopping on Amazon and I'm one order away from my next reward. Love this product. Love this company!"

loyal user

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