Ketones vs. Caffeine


Ketones, or ketone bodies, are chemicals naturally produced by the liver during ketosis. Ketosis happens when the body breaks down fatty acids to release energy in place of carbohydrates. This process happens while following a low-carb diet, such as Keto or Atkins. The ketones produced by your body are endogenous. There are three types: acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), and acetone.

Alternatively, you can take exogenous ketones to catalyze or induce ketosis. The most common type of exogenous ketone is BHB because of its efficient energy conversion and ease of synthesis. It is most readily available as a ketone salt bonded to either sodium, potassium, magnesium, or calcium to offset the acidic nature of BHB.


nuCaffeine Keto ENERGY Shot uses magnesium-BHB because of the many added benefits of this salt mineral. Magnesium can help:


1. Maintain normal nerve and muscle function

2. Maintain normal heart rate

3. Support a healthy immune system

4. Regulate blood glucose levels

5. Make energy production and protein synthesis possible.


The compound of magnesium-BHB not only provides you with these added benefits of magnesium but also the exogenous ketone of BHB.


Magnesium is also a nootropic because it increases blood flow to the brain, thus enhancing cognition.


Caffeine is a natural substance found in coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa beans, kola nuts, guarana berries, and yerba mate leaves. Synthetic caffeine is widely used in everyday products, such as sodas and aspirins. nuCaffeine uses only natural caffeine extracted from coffee beans to give you the most benefits. The benefits of caffeine include:

1. Boosting your energy levels
2. Increasing activity in the central nervous system
3. Improving athletic performance
4. Increasing levels of focus and memory retention
Liquid caffeine has become more popular in recent years due to its effectiveness and ease of use. Liquid caffeine gives you all of the known benefits of caffeine plus the added value of controlling exactly how much caffeine you're consuming and the ability to mix it with any of your favorite beverages to create your energy drinks.