nuCaffeine Uses & Bottle Instructions

What is nuCaffeine?

nuCaffeine is a liquid caffeine concentrate you can add to your favorite beverages and make your own caffeinated drinks. With nuCaffeine, you are in control of exactly how much caffeine you consume thanks to our easy-measure bottle.


nuCaffeine was created as a healthier alternative to energy drinks and is Amazon's Choice for liquid caffeine. What makes nuCaffeine special? Simple. Unlike energy drinks, nuCaffeine has no excessive sugar or sucralose sweeteners, no unnecessary chemical additives, and most importantly, you control the amount of caffeine you consume.

So, how does it work?

nuCaffeine has potent plant-based bitter blockers that naturally mask the strong bitterness of caffeine. nuCaffeine is also sugar and calorie-free (yes, completely unsweetened!), so you can rest easy adding it to any beverage.


Maximize taste quality when mixed with other liquid beverages. Check the Reference Guide for caffeine equivalencies.


Measuring nuCaffeine